Yet again, don’t be fooled by this song and dance from Dispatch Games

I’m making this brief because my last piece explained my stance and also reaffirms that I’d much rather you check out my other, “happier” content I enjoyed making way more. But I’m posting this here for preservation sake since this is literally a repeat, I’m issuing a stance, and reaffirming what I believe buyers should do.

Dispatch Games “came back”. Again. This is despite being gone from socials for literally 3 months, with not a single sign of life. That’s thusly what led to my last article being made, due to buyers still waiting for their physical copies begging me to try and shake life out of this company solely to get what they paid for. It really shouldn’t take a guy who would usually rather enjoy the output of a company like this, and did indeed in the past when they had some semblance of competency and passion, making a critical article in order for customers to finally get some semblance of an “update” on what they paid money for three fucking years ago.

Oh wow I heard this a billion times before so I’m not phased at all

It is the same old shit too. The same, old, shit. Bare minimum “hi we are alive plz don’t sue us” because a tiny bit of heat got on them, reminding customers that hey, they’re shit out of luck and still need to get what they’re owed. This tweet includes no updates on CEs, no updates on the other games that aren’t these three, (because they were both stealth canceled, Soldam PS4/Jajamaru PS4 CE, despite the latter existing in Japan recently!) and no updates on why they go MIA so long, attempts to debunk/prove any points I or other critics have called out, or really anything besides a thinly veiled “please shut up and stop getting mad at us”. They also made sure to shut off comments on their tweets because of course they did, since they didn’t hesitate to use the Hidden Replies feature for a while before people called them out on that too.

Oh yeah, wanna know what else Brian did? Erased the entirety of both their social medias on Twitter and Facebook, yet again. At this point I’m convinced they do this shit to deliberately break embeds in my old articles, so I guess I gotta stick screenshots in these articles I don’t even want to write to begin with, solely to let it be known that these guys will stop at nothing to evade people wanting their games when the truth is that it’s a one-man operation close to being flat out broke.

This is getting old. I keep saying “I am NOT writing another article on this company” every time I make one, but some stupid shit or some person (rightfully) nags me to help them get a game they were really looking forward to, or at the very least refunds, which by the way, they didn’t address here at all, and likely won’t give because they’re broke, so as I stated many times before, if you ordered anything, especially the CEs, you probably should just look into pushing for a chargeback or kissing your money goodbye, because Brian will not deliver your product, at least not without refusing to come out with a good reason why standard editions that usually take 3-6 months to manufacture are taking three whole years, with one game having finished cartridges but no actual boxed copies, implying that Brian’s so broke he can’t even do the bare minimum to maintain goodwill.

Who knows, maybe this article will be the kick that’s needed to at least get Game Tengoku’s standards out, but don’t ever expect that collector’s edition. Seriously, do not. I’d love to be wrong, but nothing I found could possibly indicate they’d be able to get it out this year, if ever. They did show a test pressing for one of the CE vinyls a few years back… deleted in their previous twitter “Reboot”. Yay…?

Seriously just buy the games off the eShop instead, or pick up the upcoming release of Rail Sim on Steam. It’s literally being published by the developers which implies to me Dispatch no longer even has a contract with them, at least for anything besides what they signed up for 3 years ago. Seriously, that was pre-pandemic times!

I digress. This is more of an unfiltered rant since it’s literally a repeat scenario I’m sick of seeing and honestly sick of being the only one willing to write articles about this damn company. Hopefully other, bigger outlets put on the heat and honestly just find out more on what the hell is going on, since the last thing I want to see is anyone getting scammed. Even the nearly 2 year wait for the Turrican Anthologies from SLG had more status updates than Dispatch, and are pretty much finally done. If even that notoriously delayed game and huge CEs can make it out before a standard copy of a Jaleco shmup from the late 90s, what the hell’s going on? Whatever the case, don’t expect much, even if they make a little progress, it’ll regress eventually, and if somehow this is the time they do everything perfectly and get all up to date, it was only after 3 years of silence, lying, and avoiding refund requests.

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