Weekly Review Progress

Weekly Review Progress

Here is where I’ll be sharing my progress updates on a weekly basis for reviews or Eternal Memories episodes I plan to tackle, so that way readers can know how close I am to finishing a review and what reviews are in the pipeline. These will change often, and the Eternal Memories updates won’t include much behind the scenes info due to that being a Patreon tier. Still, I hope this gives you all a nice look into what it takes for me to get these done! I don’t do a good job at updating this every week though, so I only tend to do it when I feel like it or when I’m confident enough.

Week of 2/18/2018-2/25/2018

The Longest Five Minutes (Switch)- Review Finished
BLEED (Switch eShop)- 30% of the review is written. Some more gameplay testing of other modes may be done before review, but half of the story mode is cleared and all difficulties have been experimented with, along with the boss challenge mode. Aim to have this out this weekend.
Baseball Riot (Switch eShop)- Nothing written but the outline, but a good portion of the game is completed and being similar to Tennis in the Face (A game I 100%ed after the review) will help make this easier to write. Unlikely to hit goal
Demon Gaze 2 (PS4)- Nothing written but the outline, and progress in the game is slow. Will need to spend a few more hours learning the mechanics and clearing some quests. It’s similar to previous Experience games, but I’d rather not do what I did with Operation Abyss and only play up to the first story mission. I want to play more than that to give a better review and explain whether or not the game succeeds in hooking in newcomers. Aim to have this out the following week.

Eternal Memories: Pokemon Mystery Dungeon Part III.5: Rescue Team Postgame- IRL videos fully recorded. Voiceover and Game Boy Player footage of the original cart is all that remains before editing. Aim to have it out before the end of the month, might release first weekend in March.

Week of 2/26/2018-3/04/2018

BLEED (Switch eShop)- 80% of the review is written. Due to a personal loss this may be the only review out this week, but other games will be played in the meantime to prep for more.

Week of 3/11/2018-3/18/2018

Midnight Deluxe (Switch eShop/PS4)– 0% Complete, but easy to finish due to the game’s simple nature. Plan to have it out Monday.

BLEED 2 (Switch eShop)– 25% Complete, plan to finish by Tues or Wed. Game already cleared.

Week of 4/01/2018-4/08/2018

Danmaku Unlimited 3 (Switch eShop)- 0% Complete, plan to finish this Tuesday or Wednesday as required gameplay is already done

Demon Gaze II (PS4)- Put on hold due to personal events, thus the outline is still all that remains, but I plan to play it this week and get the review done soonish to finally get it off my queue.

Week of 4/29/2018-5/06/2018

Gekkido: Kintaro’s Revenge (Switch eShop)- 25% Complete, aim to resume work when finals end on Wednesday. Should be out by the end of the week.

World to the West (Switch eShop)- 0% Complete, but required gameplay is finished so it should be worked on at the end of next week.

Eternal Memories: e-Reader: Scripting in progress, slow due to demotivation but I aim to have raw footage filmed soon.