Rules for Commenting

RULE 1: Offensive language

No vulgar swears. Use courtesy.

Rule 2: Uncomfortable discussions

This site is a site meant to just simply chat and relax, and to talk about the reviews that are put up here. Please do not go into discussions that could make someone feel bad or that isn’t appropriate for the site, any talk relating to uncomfortable discussions or anything Not Safe for Work will be deleted.

Rule 3: Personal Information

Now, some personal info I will prohibit people giving, some I will allow. But the major ones NOT allowed are:



Middle name

Credit card numbers

Pretty much anything that is common sense not to give out over the internet.

Rule 4: Selling Real world items.

This is not allowed anywhere because of personal info, anybody doing so WILL have their comments erased. This is because this is not ebay, this is simply a review website where you can talk about gaming. If you want to offer me a game for review, let me known on my Twitter so I can give you my email.

Rule 5: Spam

You may not post spam of any kind, examples include things such as advertisements for products that have nothing to do with the site, or trying to promote your own website in the comments of my reviews. That being said, if you are a game dev, feel free to shoot me an email if you want me to check out your game for review, just be polite of course.

Rule 6: Impersonation.

Trying to pretend to be someone that you are not, including copying profile info from other sites or from someone popular in real life, will lead to a warning. Simply using the same username that you use on other websites doesn’t count, so really this only applies to those with intent to mimic or steal someone’s identity online.

Anything that doesn’t follow these rules will be erased. I’m usually very lenient on what I allow for comments, but I still have my eyes everywhere, so just use common sense and feel free to comment on the reviews/discussions!