Rules for Commenting

Seafoam Gaming doesn’t really need much rules as people seldom comment on these reviews anyhow. Yet, I might as well have a list of them for the heck of it even if all of these should be common sense. Just be courteous in the comment sections and it’s fine to disagree! Just be aware that comments require manual approval to show up unless you’re a repeat user, so if you comment and it seems invisible, that’s why.

RULE 1: Offensive language

No racist, homophobic, transphobic, etc slurs or offensive language. Have courtesy.

Rule 2: Uncomfortable discussions

This site is a site meant to just simply chat and relax, and to talk about the reviews that are put up here. Please do not go into discussions that isn’t appropriate for the site or NSFW in general (even if the game in question is M rated, use common sense), any talk relating to uncomfortable discussions or anything NSFW will be deleted.

Rule 3: Personal Information

Pretty much anything that is common sense not to give out over the internet. This really doesn’t need to be listed as a rule, but I’m doing it just in case someone doesn’t have common sense…

Rule 4: Spam

You may not post spam of any kind, examples include things such as advertisements for products that have nothing to do with the site, or trying to promote your own website in the comments of my reviews. That being said, if you are a game dev, feel free to shoot me an email if you want me to check out your game for review, just be polite of course.

Anything that doesn’t follow these rules will be erased. I’m usually very lenient on what I allow for comments, but I still have my eyes everywhere, so just use common sense and feel free to comment on the reviews/discussions!