Contact Me

If you’re a developer/publisher wanting to ask me questions regarding reviews, the site, or to request an interview, reach out to my Twitter. (@SeafoamGaming) Email is private and only given if I send you an email first. This is due to a spam attack/error with our host email.

However, if you really, really need the email first, DM me on my twitter by asking me to follow you. Don’t bother messaging my youtube inbox, as it’s unlikely that I’ll ever check it due to a rise of spam from “talent agents”. (You are free, however to email the address available on my youtube page. That’s my business email which forwards to my Yahoo)

I do indeed send out review requests from a yahoo email, so if you have any doubts, don’t hesitate to ask the sender for verification, like communicating via my twitter or youtube, as I’ll gladly do so to confirm my identity. If you still aren’t sure or if you think you have an imposter, tweet at me ASAP or email the business address on my youtube channel.