Contact Me

If you’re a developer/publisher wanting to ask me questions regarding reviews, the site, or to request an interview, reach out to my Twitter. (@SeafoamGaming). I also have a site business email.

I do indeed send out review requests from a yahoo email, but seldomly so if you have any doubts upon getting a message from me, don’t hesitate to ask for verification, like communicating via my twitter or youtube, as I’ll gladly do so to confirm my identity. If you still aren’t sure or if you think you have an imposter, tweet at me ASAP or email the business address at TheDreamingHawk at SeafoamGaming dot com and that’ll forward it to my proper address. I’m focused on the queue for 2023, so newer games I pretty much will only request if they’re retro adjacent or shortish in length. Don’t hesitate to ask me any questions!