Review Queue

This is the list of all games that I’m currently reviewing for developers and publishers. I’m going to review every single one of these games in the order that they are listed in unless something changes, usually said order being determined by the simplicity/length of the game. Delays for a review may happen, which means the order might not always be accurate, so I do sincerely apologize if some reviews take forever to get their turn in the queue. That being said, they WILL be done eventually and as fast as I can do them without rushing for quality

2017 Review Queue

Quest of Dungeons (PS4)
I and Me (Switch eShop)
Legna Tactica (3DS eShop)
Lifespeed (New 3DS eShop)
Hakuoki Kyoto Winds (Playstation Vita/TV)
Vaccine (Switch eShop)
Dark Rose Valkyrie (PS4)
Danganronpa 1-2 RELOAD (PS4)

“Free Time Games” Review Queue, (AKA things that I’ll review in my own time when the review queue is empty and I want to write something.)

Soldam: Bloom Declaration (Switch eShop)
Seiken Densetsu Collection (Nintendo Switch)