My Jurassic Farm (Wii U eShop)- Review

Originally posted July 9th 2014 on the Seafoam Gaming Forums

Considering this is essentially the game core game as My Arctic Farm (And I’m guessing the other farm games too), this review won’t go as indepth as my other one due to the similar gameplay style. Read the My Arctic Farm review first to get a more detailed idea.

Title: My Jurassic Farm

System: Wii U eShop

Price: 7.99

Release date: 6/26/2014

The main game/story

It’s yet another simulation game, this time staring dinosaurs. The story (Told again in a great comic book cutscene) is that scientists have discovered a way to reproduce Dinosaurs, and have hired you to own a farm to observe how they behave. Simple like before.


The menus are organized in a similar fashion to the last game, except the windows are made of wood to fit the theme of being in a Jurassic farm. The big improvement here, however is that the character models are much more well done, and the humans AND the dinosaurs look very, very nice. Much more appealing to look it in comparison to the last game.

Music and sound effects:

Sound effects are pretty much exactly the same as before, but music is changed to better fit the Jurassic theme.


Plays the same as the other farm game. You start with one dinosaur, take care of it, have it lay eggs, sell the eggs, level up, get more items…  It’s the same. However, it seems to me that everything in this game doesn’t require as much in game money to buy as in the other game. Meaning once you get a steady streak of items ready to sell, you can easily become a rich owner in this game! Like before, it’s very addicting, and the slightly faster pace of the game makes it a bit more accessible.


In conclusion, BiP Media’s farm series is one of those series where you really only need the one that’s best for you. However, out of the two I reviewed, I think the Jurassic farm is the better game, with a more appealing subject, better presentation and some minor fixes here and there, I recommend this one. Therefore, I give My Jurassic farm a 6 out of 10.

Thanks to BiP Media for the review code.

Thoughts on the Review?

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