Guacamelee: Super Turbo Championship Edition (Wii U eShop)- Review

Originally posted July 25th on the Seafoam Gaming Forums.

A long time ago when the Wii U first launched, Broken Rules put out a small little game called Chasing Aurora. While average at best in the single player mode, it was an insanely fun multiplayer game. Sadly it did not perform well and the sequel skipped Wii U to head toward PCs. I thought Broken rules was done for at that point in terms of Wii U support. Luckily I was completely wrong, as Drinkbox Studios allowed Broken Rules to port this wonderful masterpiece to the Wii U, and I couldn’t have been more happier.


System: Wii U (eShop)

Price: 14.99

Release date: 7/2/2014

The main game/story

The game is a Metroidvania style action-adventure game, with a little beat of Beat’em up action (Like Renegade, DOUBLE DRAGON II: THE REVENGE, Final Fight 3, etc). The main story revolvers around Juan, a normal farmer who is in the middle of doing chores to prepare for a festival when the beloved daughter of El Presidente is kidnapped by a mysterious group of villains.

After a very brief trip to the world of the dead, Juan finds a mysterious Luchador mask and goes to stop the group of villains. The story isn’t super intense or in depth, but it works and gets the job done, and some nice little touches here and there to help with the mexican theme, along with the insane amount of gaming references makes this a wonderful story, that is neither boring or terribly long.


The game has an interesting artstyle, again to fit in with the mexican theme. Everything is nice and colorful, the text is easy to read and the menus are easy to navigate, and it just works beautifully. While Juan (And his partner Tostada) don’t have too much personality being the main characters, the NPCs, enemies and even the villains all have a unique personality to them that helps keep everything different and wonderful.

Music and sound effects:

Like the graphics and story before it, the music works very well with the mexican theme. From the town theme in both the living and dead worlds, to the temple theme in the dead world, this game has a TON of great songs, as well as sound effects that work with the situations.


Now this is where I’m REALLY going to explain why I love this game so much. After the true game begins, you get to know the simple controls. B is jump, Y is attack, and X is a throw move. That’s pretty much it in the beginning. But as you get a bit ahead in the game, you’ll gain new powerups that can be used with the A button. (Which are even given to you by a statue that is a downright copy of the Chozo statue from Metroid.) You’ll get better at performing combos, and combining them with your new special moves (Which include numerous things such as an uppercut or a headbutt) will lead to you eventually getting stronger and stronger. There is even an ability that will let you turn into a chicken, and even that ability is a lot of fun to use (No, I’m not joking about that.)

But if it was just gaining an occasional special move, it wouldn’t really be that great. so luckily there are a TON of hidden items all around the world. From simple treasure chests containing coins (Which allows you to buy even more items), to chests that contain stamina and health upgrades (And you’ll need them by the time the game ends.), there are a lot of extras to find, which will get you ever so closer to that 100% rating. There are even some SUPER secret items which I won’t spoil for you here that take much more effort to find, with one of them in particular that will drive you insane.

The good news about STCE is that it includes ALL of the DLC from the past versions, which included costumes and a insanely difficult challenge dungeon called El Infierno. It even includes a few new areas, bosses and even some new items! For someone playing this game for the first time, it’s a great deal, and even for those who mastered it on PS3 and PC/Mac, I still think it’s worth the double dip. The main game, without trying to 100% it will take you about 4 or 5 hours depending on how good you are at the genre. But trying to 100% it like me could take you 10-15+ hours! So you’ll certainly get your $15 worth out of this wonderful game.


With all sorts of charm in the setting and characters to the big, wonderful world to explore, this game is a ton of fun for sure. Heck, the reason this review took so long for me to write was because I simply couldn’t stop playing. Not many indie games do that to me! I spent 10 hours on the normal difficulty trying to get EVERY single item in the game. However my progress was halted at 99% due to the challenge mode I mentioned earlier. But even though I didn’t quite make it, I still had a ton of fun playing it, all the way until I landed the final hit on the final boss. With a secret hard mode, you also potentially get a lot of replay value if you want to try the game on a more challenging difficulty. I give Guacamelee! STCE on Wii U a 10 out of 10, pretty much making it the “game of the month” in a way. While not the best game I’ve played in my entire life, this certainly is one of the best indie games I’ve ever played, and I wish BOTH companies involved in this game’s release on Wii U the best of luck in the future.

So there’s no excuse… Go buy Guacamelee STCE RIGHT NOW on whatever system it’s on that you have. I strongly recommend it.

Thanks to Drinkbox Studios/Broken Rules for the review code.

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