TOSS N GO (Wii U eShop)- Review

Originally published January 18th 2015 on the Seafoam Gaming forums

Title: Toss N Go

System: Wii U (eShop)

Price: $0.99

Release date: 12/18/2014

The main game/story

This is yet another game in the Tabletop Gallery series by RCMADIAX, with a simple premise of getting to 100 points before your opponent does. You can even play with a friend this time!


Pretty simplistic with an art style similar to that of Shut The Box. Not much to say here besides the fact that it works OK.

Music and sound effects:

Still one song, though it’s catchy I find it a bit more irritating compared to the songs in the other Tabletop games. The sound effects work alright however.


The goal in this game is really simple. Roll 10 dice, keep the green ones, and try to keep rolling until they are all green to get points, until you finally get 100! But be careful, as if they are all red dice, you lose EVERYTHING you gained up to that point. Therefore, you should save after a while to keep the points you gained, or you can keep going. It’s risk and reward like the other games, and I still like that.

Unfortunately the AI in this game is a bit dumb. All he’ll do is keep on rolling and rolling the dice, getting as much points as he can, only keeping them when he either wins or when he has one dice left and he can’t get it to turn green. This leads to odd situations like the CPU having 68 points all at once, only to lose them all because he kept getting greedy. This resulted in me destroying the CPU in that same game.

It’s pretty tough to beat the CPU, but it’s mainly due to his never ending persistence that makes it feel a bit boring waiting for him to get done with his super long turn. Luckily a friend can take the place of the CPU, which makes the game a lot more fun and fair.


In the end, Toss N Go is yet another fun casual experience from RCMadiax. Unfortunately it seems that this is the weakest of the Tabletop gallery games, mainly due to it’s confusing AI and the turns taking way too long. Still, if you have a friend I do recommend you give this game a shot. It’s only $0.99 after all! I give Toss N Go a 7 out of 10 and recommend it to those who want a fun way to play with a friend.

Thanks to RCMADIAX for the review code.

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