League of Heroes (3DS eShop)- Review

Originally posted February 21st 2015 on the Seafoam Gaming forums

Title: League of Heroes

System: 3DS (eShop)

Price: $4.99

Release date: 12/18/2014

The main game/story

In this action RPG, you take control of a hero who is in charge of protecting the nearby village from the dangers of the Frognest Forest. There is barely any plot in this game at all outside of what I said above, so don’t expect an epic story.


A rather cartoony art style is offered in this game, and it looks OK at best. The characters and enemies are rather silly (But not in a bad way), and the menus are almost non existent, since the game throws you into action immediately, making this a great game for those not wanting to deal with complex menus. You can even change the in-game weather anytime you want to if you feel like it.

Music and sound effects:

Despite the lack of a story, this game’s soundtrack certainly wants you to believe that there is one. A few “epic” songs play throughout the quests you take on, though they are quite forgettable to the point it’s best to turn the music off. However, this game does have a few lines of spoken dialogue, which adds a bit of personality to a few of the NPCs giving you missions.


The main objective of League of Heroes is really simple. Go into the village, get missions from the townsfolk, and then go into the forest and battle. It’s incredibly simple to the point that it can get extremely boring really quickly, as you pretty much do as they say, level up occasionally (Which does let you buy better equipment), return to the village, and repeat. The quests do get more and more difficult over time, but since you will also be getting better equipment as you level up it doesn’t seem to actually raise in challenge. Considering how your basic attack is rather simple to perform (by mashing the A button), battles can be ended rather quickly and therefore it ends up becoming incredibly repetitive and boring. You can use a special move on the touch screen occasionally, but even so it’s not enough to stop the repetitive nature.


In conclusion, League of Heroes is an incredibly simple action RPG, with really simple goals and repetitive gameplay. It’s not that fun to play in long gaming sessions, and is more recommended for if you want to quickly play a very short game to pass the time. (Which may have to do with the fact that this was an iOS title) Great for the younger audience wanting to get their feet wet into the RPG genre, but not so great for anyone else. I give League of Heroes a 5 out of 10, and only recommend it to those who are looking for a beginner’s RPG, or simply those who want a game they can pull out for a few minutes at a time if they are busy.

Thanks to Gamelion for the review code.

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