Short Interview with Rainy Night Creations regarding FreezeME!

A few days ago we put up a review for FreezeME, which you can check out right here. Luckily I managed to get in contact with the owner of Rainy Night Creations, the team behind FreezeME and ask him some questions regarding the development of the title along with future plans regarding other regions. Check it out below! 

Connor: What made you decide to put FreezeME on the Wii U, instead of going for other consoles or waiting for Codename NX?

RNC: The game is mostly inspired by titles that were released on Nintendo consoles, and I guess that´s the platform were most users expect to see this kind of games.

I would have loved to develop the game for NX but I don´t have any info about the system yet

Connor: When playing through your game, I noticed the many different routes you could take to reach a certain goal, most of which would only happen if the player had an “Ah-Ha” moment with the physics to make their own shortcuts. Do you think that this game might be a good fit for speed running someday?

RNC: I really enjoy people speed running games and I do think FreezeME is a good fit for that, in fact there some records already set for any % and 100% (

Connor: The New Nintendo 3DS makes me wonder if this game would look good in 3D. Do you have plans to port the game over as a New Nintendo 3DS title, perhaps to have some way of offering it on the go?

RNC: Very unlikely. 3DS and Wii U are completely different systems. Might be a challenge to squeeze FreezeME levels on a 3DS, but I wouldn´t know for sure unless I get a devkit.

Also I don´t develop engines from scratch I use Unity, and as far as I know the Unity version for 3DS it´s fairly new and probably still missing some features needed for FreezeME. And last but not least, if I have to invest on a new Nintendo dev hardware I would wait until E3 and see what are they planning with NX 😛

Connor: How long did development take on the game itself?

RNC: 2 years part time and a bit more than a year full time. And still today I´m working on patches and version

 Connor: And how long did development take on the Wii U port? Was it easy to port over, or were there some challenges along the way?

RNC: The Wii U version was finished first and then modifications were made for the PC version. It was just released first on PC because you don´t have to wait for anyone to approve it or not, you just publish it whenever you feel like, not complaining here, just mentioning the fact that on PC there is no approval process and everything goes faster, from releases to patches.

There are challenges were developing for all systems, for Wii U more than the Wii U itself, I struggles to get Unity to behave the way I wanted 😛

Connor: Currently it seems you have plans to get it submitted to NOE for a PAL release. Any updates on when we should expect the game in that region?

RNC: The game has got the rating for all countries, it is currently in lotcheck waiting for approval. Hopefully I will be able to announce the release date soon.

 Connor: Speaking of regions, any plans to have a publisher like Arc System Works bring it to Japan? This seems like a game that all could enjoy.

RNC: I already stroke a deal with a Japanese publisher, I should be able to provide more news on this matter soon.

 Connor: Since the game is completed outside of patches, do you have any plans for the future for Rainy Night Creations?

RNC: Oh, plenty… but after I´m done with FreezeME I would like to rest a bit so probably won´t start working on the new project until the end of Q2 or so.

Connor: And finally, has the game performed to your expectations in the US region (Even if you can’t give sales numbers, it’s pretty much a yes or no)

RNC: Yes, the results are inline with what I was expecting, plus I still have to release in Europe, Australia and Japan


Thanks to Rainy Night Creations for allowing me to interview him regarding this game, and for those still on the fence regarding the FreezeME game, check out the review for the title, right here.

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