Color Symphony 2 (Wii U eShop)- Review

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Title: Color Symphony 2
System: Wii U (eShop)
Price: $9.99
Release date: 05/12/2016


Starting off with a very vague premise, you take control of a man who returns to a place he once knew in order to discover who he is, as he goes through a ton of color-shifting action in this platformer.


Focusing on a monochromatic art style with a bit of color thrown in, Color Symphony 2 holds up to its name, with a sharp looking art style that still stands out even when you change the background colors in a similar vein to Runbow. It also has an odd “old-TV” feel that is better to show than to explain. This Gameplay video should do the job well.

Music and Sound

Using a recurring soundtrack of mellow tunes, there’s really nothing memorable in this soundtrack, with the tracks more or less being background noise to help you focus on the difficult game that awaits you. Sound effects get the job done, although some levels can make the color shift sound irritating due to the constant use of the mechanic.


When the game first begins, you’ll notice right away the ability to change between a variety of colors using the controller buttons. Similar to Runbow, whatever color is the background color will eliminate all obstacles of that color. However, with the fact that you are in total control of the color mechanic, its up to you to be super careful and perform tricky platforming to get to the end of each stage. While the concept of color-switching is nothing new, the levels do make good use of this mechanic, with short and simple levels that keep you on your toes, although nearly all of them end up being quite difficult, making this a platformer not for the faint of heart. Still, trial and error will help you gain the power to breeze through the levels and get the best ranking for each one of them, which also contributes towards locking some of the hard-to-find achievements, too!


In conclusion, Color Symphony 2 turned out to be a surprisingly fun platformer, and while it doesn’t use a completely original concept, the set of levels it offers and the amount of content for the price tag makes it a fun romp to go through. The game does end up being quite a challenge, however, so this isn’t a game for everyone. Nevertheless, if you like challenging platformers, or if you’re looking for something to scratch that Runbow itch a bit more, then Color Symphony 2 is a nice alternative that should satisfy you fairly well. With quite a few achievements to unlock along the way and collectibles to find in each level, those seeking a challenge will be more than happy with the content they get. I give Color Symphony 2 an 8 out of 10.

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