JACKPOT 777 (Wii U eShop)- Review

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Title: JACKPOT 777
System: Wii U (eShop)
Price: $1.49
Release date: 07/14/2016


Casinos have no stories.


After the fancy title screen, you’re booted to a dull, black background with a tiny slot machine in the center of the screen. Outside of pressing a button and watching the slot machine work, there’s nothing else to see or look at. It’s rather disappointing that they at least didn’t put the inside of a casino as the background, instead leaving us with a dull, black void with only a poor cropped white box of text at the top to save us.

Music and Sound

The background music fits the theme of a casino type of game… If you consider a black background to be a casino. Sadly, there’s not a single sound effect in the game, so it gets irritating pretty quick.


In this game, you bet your earnings, starting out with 100 and only able to bet three at a time. Depending on what lines up in the slots, you’ll either lose your bet or earn a lot. And that’s literally the entire game. I’m not lying when I say there’s nothing else to talk about. No high score feature, no goals to hit, nothing.


In conclusion, Jackpot 777 ended up being by far the absolute worst title that I have ever played from this publisher, even more so than Version 1.0 of Blok Drop U! While I usually admire the simplicity and enjoy titles like Vegas Stakes or the Pokemon Game Corners, this game feels cheap to the point its like they did the bare minimum with this title, which is a depressing shame. If this review doesn’t convince you on how dull and awful this game is, maybe this video I made will.  I give JACKPOT 777 a 1 out of 10, and I strongly advise you to just grab Vegas Stakes off the Wii U Virtual Console instead if you’re looking for casino gameplay on the Wii U. Not only do you get slots, but you also get a nice variety of other games, too. At least this game wasn’t stupid enough to have the price be $20 like Pharaoh’s Riches…

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