BRICK RACE (New 3DS eShop)- Review

Thanks to RCMADIAX for the review code.

System: New 3DS (eShop)
Price: $1.49
Release date: 08/18/2016


As is the norm for these games, there isn’t a story. However, this game is noteworthy for the fact that it’s the first original title that’s exclusive to the New 3DS family. (Not counting late ports or remakes) Only took two years!


From what seems to be an unfortunate side effect of the engine, the top screen consists of a pixilated logo for the game and it doesn’t look like it was compressed well at all. Thankfully, the bottom screen looks crisp, with the colored pieces looking good and easy to see as the game speeds up. Of course, being a 2D title, it doesn’t push the system to the limit but it still looks sharp on the touch screen at least.

Music and Sound

For some baffling reason, the lone music track is horribly compressed as it loops endlessly throughout the entire game. Thankfully the track is a bit longer than the ones we heard in the publisher’s previous titles, although the bad compression causes it to be no fun to listen to and it gets irritating really quickly, especially when you notice the lack of any sound effects.


The main objective of Brick Race, as with most RCMadiax titles is to get the highest score, this time by moving a big brick from side to side. Every time you avoid a brick, you get 10 points, and with every 100 points you gain a level, which increases the speed of the game. The control is rather simple, with the D-Pad moving your brick from left to right, and colliding with the other bricks end the game instantly.


Continuing the trend from RCMADIAX’s recent titles, Brick Race aims to be a short but sweet high score experience. Being on a portable system, the game feels more at home here on the New 3DS than it would on the Wii U. On the other hand, the game doesn’t do much of anything to take advantage of the New 3DS at all, only powering the engine that runs this game. Unfortunately, even this didn’t stop the game from having the minor technical issue with the muffled music, and the lack of sound effects leave something to be desired. Still, for the price of $1.49, this is worth the pricetag a bit more than his recently released Wii U games due to the portability factor, but don’t expect anything outside of a simple high score chaser that ends quickly.

I give BRICK RACE a 3 out of 10.

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