Yet another Youtube update

Unfortunately, despite the hope I had that I could continue playthroughs of some shorter games that I’m nearly finished with, Youtube had to screw me and many other streamers over by incorporating a limit without warning.

As mentioned in this unscripted rant I made right before bed last night, Youtube made a silent, unannounced change to their video editing system. For some reason, any videos longer than one hour will not qualify for enhancements, meaning that you can’t split a stream up into multiple parts unless the stream itself is really, really short.

The fact this came out of nowhere, unannounced was maddening, especially considering how it’s the only effective way for me to upload gameplay videos. (why I can’t just export them to iMovie is mentioned in the video but it’s due to my horrible upload speed making the enhancement option the better alternative) I surely can’t be the only streamer suffering from these issues, but it seems the subscription issues bigger people keep getting upset about are “more important” than an issue like this that actually impacts how people like me create videos. Very irritating, so I’m going to have to make another announcement.

From now on, all streams will have to focus on one individual game until this issue is fixed. This means that I have to start a stream the minute I enter a game, and end it right before I quit the game. It’s a bit of a pain, but at the moment it appears to be the only logical way to make gameplay videos on the channel. I sincerely apologize for all the chaos going around on the channel, but hopefully youtube gets their act together soon.

Thoughts on the Review?

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