Emergency Seafoam Gaming Status Update!

Hello everyone! I need to take the time today to mention that content on the main Seafoam Gaming website will be slowed just a bit. I still have a huge backlog of reviews to finish and I’ve been working on several at a time, but at 1:20 CST on Thursday, October 19th, my Aunt Jenny (briefly mentioned in the Eternal Memories Episode covering Blaster Master as the one who saved the lives of me and my birth mother from a very, very evil and abusive monster ) passed away in the hospital. As this is the first major death in my life since 2004, I’m not too sure how to cope, as I was raised to not cry unless I really needed to as a strong male, thanks to toxic masculinity taught to me by my father when I was really young. I thought a death would be something that would make me cry for sure, but somehow, I’ve felt nothing but a mix of anxiety and despair, mostly worried about why it had to happen, and if there’s even an afterlife for said relative to go to. So, I’ve been feeling mixed with myself and have stayed in bed most of the time, playing my Switch and iPhone as I’m in this weird state.

Because of this weird state I’m in, the death has delayed some of my bigger, lengthier reviews I had planned like Dark Rose Valkyrie and Danganronpa V3. Shorter games I’ve been playing off and on, both free time ones like Pokken DX and main ones like Tiny Barbarian DX will be moving on as planned, since I can play them easily in this odd state of mine and whatnot, but PS4/PSTV games will be a bit slower to review, save for the ones I’ve been playing before the death like Antiquia Lost and Mystik Belle.

Youtube content is somewhat delayed as well, but mainly in the form of Eternal Memories episodes.  Those may be pushed back a bit unless I snap myself out of this trance, but unboxings will continue as normal, as I have several items coming in the mail. Gameplay videos will also be uploaded off and on, mainly from bits I already recorded or will record in a few days.

I don’t expect this odd trance I’m in to last any more than a week hopefully, but even still, a week of wanting to do nothing is really bad for my schedule, since College is already one of the biggest challenges I have to face to balance with my reviews. Thus, I felt it was important to alert my readers as to why there might be little to no actions from me in the next week, save for the unboxings.

2 thoughts on “Emergency Seafoam Gaming Status Update!

  1. I hope you will take however long you need to grieve and heal. Losing someone that important in your life is a huge blow, so I pray no one expects you to be back to your usual pace within a week. Take care as best as you can!

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