Twin Robots (Playstation 4)- Review

Thanks to Ratalaika Games for the review code

Title: Twin Robots
System: Playstation 4
Price: $4.99
Release Date: 10/3/2017


Visually speaking, Twin Robots looks pretty terrible. Really basic 3D backgrounds with the same bland textures used throughout each level, irritating music that should be muted as soon as you start the game, (Which ironically makes it sound better as all that remains is nice, ambient sounds of machinery) and one of the most boring Level Select menus I have seen in a long while.


The concept of Twin Robots is very simple, reminding of a really fun Ed Edd N Eddy game I played a ton of back in the day on my Game Boy Advance where you had to switch between the multiple characters to solve puzzles and progress to the end of each stage. What you’re tasked with in every level is having one robot go out and find a red switch that’ll let the other robot escape his prison, before you make sure both robots stay alive until they can both escape to the exit at the end of the stage. Rinse and repeat, and you have the entirety of Twin Robots in a nutshell.

So you may be thinking, “This is a simple, cheap game with a basic concept, so it must at least be fun for what its worth,” but unfortunately for you, Twin Robots has several irritating problems with the level design that makes the short experience not worth sitting through. The biggest of these issues stems from the fact that some levels are just really, really boring due to them feeling like a drag with little to do. Wanting to spend two minutes of a level just avoiding basic obstacles, only to run into a trap that you didn’t notice until it came out of nowhere and you died? If the answer was yes, then this game is for you.

Generally, the biggest issue with this game comes from the fact that it’s just so boring. I spent a good hour with this title, clearing around 14 of the levels to see if the periods where you wait several seconds for a slow moving elevator to come to you, or stretches of nothing in sight would come to an end, but instead the levels just got longer and were still poorly designed, only requiring me to use the energy transfer feature (done by pressing Triangle to send the energy of one robot to the other) Another oddity that happened included a bit where one of the robots spazzed out like mad upon dying in acid.


In conclusion, this cheap little PSN game doesn’t really have much to offer outside of an easy platinum. It uses a concept that’s been done to death in other titles already, but somehow it manages to make it worse, all thanks to terrible level design and boring gameplay that doesn’t even make getting said platinum anything more than a bad way to waste your time. If you were hoping for a puzzle game with clever designs, then you won’t be finding it here.

I give Twin Robots a 3 out of 10.

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