Devious Dungeon (PS4)- Review

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Title: Devious Dungeon
System: Playstation 4
Price: $7.99
Release Date: 4/24/2018


Being made by the same developers behind League of Evil, you can tell that some elements of that game’s art style have lingered into Devious Dungeon, with similar pixel art and character animations, although all the characters are obviously designed differently than they were in League of Evil. The perspective seems a bit more zoomed in than last time, too, with each stage requiring a bit of scrolling as you navigate the randomly generated rooms in order to find your way out. Accompanying the decent visuals is a really repetitive and boring set of tracks that sound nowhere near as catchy as the tunes from League of Evil, coming off as really generic instrumental songs this time around.


Devious Dungeon’s main gimmick comes from the randomly generated levels that lead up to each boss, adding some roguelike mechanics to a traditional action platformer. Each stage that isn’t a boss or shop area is randomly generated in a way that tries to shake things up enough on repeated runs of the game, since you can only resume your quest from specific checkpoints that take place every few levels or so.


Regardless, the game still moves at an average pace, With each level requiring you to hunt down a key before heading to a giant door that’ll take you to the next stage, all as you beat up enemies and gather gold for the shops. Some levels are over in no time at all with the key not too far away, while sometimes it will take a bit longer, but none of the levels overstay their welcome, which is nice, and if you’re really lost a handy map is available for you to use if needed.. Defeating enough enemies will fill up your EXP meter, which can lead to your character gaining permanent stat boosts, either in the form of extra HP, attack strength or defense. Of course, leveling up isn’t the only way to improve your stats, so grinding EXP isn’t really mandatory, although grinding coins is the key to buying improved equipment for your character, including new weapons, armor and accessories that help boost your stats in tandem with the leveling.



After several checkpoints of shops, you will eventually make it to a boss, and these feel pretty dull for the most part, just feeling like beefy enemies with tons of HP that don’t do much in terms of being cool. Still, with only five in the entire game, the levels are the main focus of the game, and they’re pretty basic.


In conclusion, Devious Dungeon is an interesting action platformer that mixes the idea of randomly generated levels with an action game, and while I do feel it works out OK in general, these levels are significantly not as enjoyable as the good stuff Woblyware made for us in League of Evil. It’s still decent fun, but it feels really mindless and kinda boring, and it didn’t hook my interest for much longer after the first boss was down since the journey to him felt very samey. For the $8 price tag, you’re better off getting League of Evil instead, as that’s the far superior game from this developer.

I give Devious Dungeon a 6 out of 10.

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