Revenant Dogma (Switch eShop)- Review

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Title: Revenant Dogma
System: Nintendo Switch (eShop)
Price: $12.99
Release Date: 10/04/2018


In this pseudo-sequel to Revenant Saga (being set in the same world as it) you take control of a human named Caine, who sets out with his partner and a rescued girl named Lilith in order to stop the Revenant Corps from going to war with the Therians and bringing ruin upon the world.


You know the drill, a new EXE-Create RPG, the same usual low-budget look and feel. Being based in the same world as Revenant Saga, Dogma feels even more similar to Saga than to other EXE create games. The same type of low-frame animations, the same 3D perspective for battles, and a lot of reused models and sprites. This certainly feels like your typical sequel, which is kinda jarring considering how samey most EXE-Create games tend to feel to begin with. The only real addition to the visuals that I could notice is that the sprites look more 3D than they did in Saga.

This also applies to the music, which is partially recycled from Saga, although the game does offer several new tracks while remixing a few older ones in order to prevent things from getting too stale. There’s now voice clips that get played during battle, although they don’t really amount to much.


Just like in Revenant Saga and other Kemco RPGS, the main goal of the game is to move from one main objective to another, progressing the story little by little as you’re guided in a linear fashion. Battles work exactly the same as in Revenant Saga, except that instead of one transformation for each character, they’ll gain multiple throughout the course of the story, each transformation offering a new class which different stat benefits and exclusive skills to perform on enemies. There’s also a new mechanics where if you deal enough damage to an enemy, you can perform a well-timed button press in order to unleash an extra Burst attack, causing more even more damage. This adds a bit more variety to the battles than in Saga, which keeps the battles engaging enough to not be too boring.


Also like in Saga, there’s an online store that you can hop on in order to buy absurdly overpowered items with in-game currency. It’s not as broken as in Antiqua Lost or Dragon Sinker, but there are still items that can allow you to forge your weapon to greatly boost attack, alongside your standard accessories that’ll eliminate random encounters or gain extra EXP. The raffle also makes a comeback, but I didn’t find it to reward items that were nearly as helpful as in the other games with the feature.


Outside of the usual returning features, Revenant Dogma offers a new optional area that can be accessed from any town in the game. This is where the challenge dungeon of the game takes place, broken down by multiple difficulty tiers, with the main gimmick being that each floor is randomized and offers some of the best weapons found in the entire game, ending with a powerful boss at the end. You can only take back weapons that you hand off to a courier in the dungeons, along with one that you can choose to keep upon backing out of the dungeon or completing it. Thus, you have to make sure to not die before handing off the weapons you need, since you’ll need to progress further through the story in order to be at a decent enough level to beat the enemies within each part of the dungeon, making this a place you can come back to frequently over the course of your journey.


In conclusion, Revenant Dogma is a paint by numbers sequel to a paint by numbers RPG. While it does offer a few minor additions and remains as simple of an RPG as EXE-Create’s usual efforts, I personally found this game to be not nearly as engaging as Revenant Saga, mainly due to a duller plot and dungeons that are more mazelike than before. It’s nothing really special, and I honestly would recommend Dragon Sinker over this game any day of the week, if you must have a Kemco RPG on your Switch.

I give Revenant Dogma a 6 out of 10, and you can check the game out on the web eShop right here.

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