Fun Fun! Animal Park (Nintendo Switch)- Review

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Title: Fun Fun! Animal Park
System: Nintendo Switch
Price: $29.99
Release Date: 03/28/2019


This game is a minigame collection not unlike a Mario Party game, but with your tour guides being stuffed animals. There’s a lion and a rabbit that are way too talkative and narrate every little bit of your tour (the main multiplayer mode like a Mario Party session) or whenever you select an individual minigame.

Surprisingly, they actually bothered to dub this game into english, and the performances are fine, though the facial expressions of the mascots can be a bit too expressive at points, and they’ll often repeat the same lines over and over again during a tour. Thankfully you can speed these bits up, and it even makes their voices all funny when you do so. When it comes to the actual minigames, they look pretty bland, with not much detail to them and coming off as very low budget.


In Fun Fun Animal Park, you and up to several other friends can compete in a tour, which consists of several minigames themed around animals. These are all operated with a single sideways joycon, and a lot of them rely on motion controls. Yes, it’s a wii-style minigame compilation!


Once you picked the length of your tour, you and your friends are off. After listening or skipping the aforementioned chatter from the hosts, you’re thrust into a random minigame, which then leads to the winner getting points and having a chance to increase the amount through a spinning wheel. Rinse and repeat until you get to the end of the tour and the winner wins.


This mode and the individual minigames is all you do in Fun Fun Animal Park, and the game isn’t fun at all. None of the minigames have much appeal or merit to them, and once you play them once you never want to play them again. Some have you shaking the joycon like mad to pick up speed in order to not slip off the edge of an icy cliff, while another may have you in a boxing match with a Kangaroo.


Even against other players, there’s little of interest and little of any interaction between the other players unless it’s something like a race. While you can replay any individual minigame for a high score, none of them are worth scorechasing, and after two tours my friend and I had basically seen everything in the game.


In conclusion, Fun Fun Animal Park is yet another example as to why Motion Controls are a terrible idea. A lot of waggling, turning and shaking is involved here, but it never amounts to anything fun. The game can become a real drag and even with a friend the shallow length of this title dries up quickly. There are much more entertaining minigame compilations out on the switch, and plenty of multiplayer games available on the Switch eShop for far cheaper that’ll provide way, way more enjoyment. This is a park to avoid.

I give Fun Fun Animal Park a 3 out of 10.

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