OVIVO (Switch eShop)- Review

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Title: Ovivo
System: Nintendo Switch (eShop)
Price: $6.99
Release Date: 07/03/2019


The entire Ovivo experience is in monochromatic black and white, with no other colors in sight. Having played through a few other games sharing this limited color scheme, it was pretty easy to get adjusted to the game’s look, and thankfully the levels and color swapping mechanic work well enough with this look to not have it be an eyesore. The background music is fairly generic and nothing to note.


Ovivo is a puzzle platformer where the only thing you can do is swap between black and white to manipulate a ball to the goal of each stage. You only have a button to swap colors, meaning that you’ll have to take the scenery into account before making a move, since being able to stay on a platform while the screen is white won’t mean that you can do so when the colors change, as you’ll either fall into the void or make another platform appear as the result of the change.


Thus, levels will often have you switching colors to have the ball fall down and mess with gravity, as being able to invert the colors quickly will allow you to gain enough speed to make it onto hard to reach surfaces. Each stage has a select amount of white orbs to collect, along with three special symbols, so going out of your way to reach these will require careful button presses. With such a simple one-button control scheme there honestly isn’t that much else to talk about, although the game does do a cool little zoom out whenever you reach the exit, showing you the massive image that you traveled on.


Since checkpoints are pretty frequent, there really isn’t much of a frustration factor in Ovivo, since you can just try and try again until you get something. Stuff that’s out of the way aren’t nearly as lenient, but the game’s still a fun chill romp regardless, even if it’s incredibly basic once you adjust to the feel of the color swapping.


In conclusion, Ovivo is a very barebones puzzle platformer with one simple mechanic. While this isn’t anything you haven’t seen before, I actually found Ovivo to work a bit better than I expected, since the controls are very tight and the simplicity of the levels make this a relaxing romp with little frustration. The $7 pricetag is pretty steep for a game like this, but considering the many, many other puzzle games on the Switch eShop that fail to nail the same relaxation factor as Ovivo, I can at least Ovivo props for sticking to a simple concept and doing good with it. There is a free demo available for a taste of the game, at the very least.

I give Ovivo a 6 out of 10.

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