Seafoam Gaming, New Job, Next Gen, and You

Oh hey! It’s been a while since the last SFG Status update, but now we’re back, in time for the start of the next-gen and personal changes in my life, along with another update on reviews. Like always, I aim to be transparent with my process and queue, so feel free to ask questions below.

New Job and Review Pacing

As of November 12th, I have gotten a new job after eight months of unemployment due to my old workplace not taking COVID 19 Precautions seriously. This was after months of job hunting attempts, and it finally ended in success at a new place I’m happy and safe to work at. All is good on that front! But as a result, I’m a lot more busy. Too many hours, and too much of a different shift in my life, that I’ll have to spend time to adapt before I can work out times to get reviews out. Before, I’d aim for 3-5 reviews on a week where I was freed up and not stressed, but even before the job, I’ve been slacking due to anxiety about COVID-19 and focusing more on bigger titles which take longer to cover. But with a bigger responsibility in my life? I’ll have to make some changes.

As of now, I still plan on covering every game in the queue, because I aim to get done stuff I take up even if it takes a while. Pending reviews like Shenmue I-II, still prove that, and with several of the bigger pending ones this year like Hakuoki done, I feel I can keep up that momentum still. But for the time being, I’m going to heavily cut back on accepting game offers in my emails from indies. I have already cut down on requesting games unless it’s something I want from a big company that opens review requests, but sometimes indies just send me games that I redeem to cover in the near future. I do those rather fast, but it just leads to an infinite loop of me taking on more games before I finish my current queue: Thus, I’m gonna stop that and only stick to accepting games offered that I was planning to ask to begin with. Reducing my workload, as a one-man review team, is pretty key. Luckily, I had several reviews near final for next week, so on my first day off I’ll finish and schedule them for the next week to hopefully get back to a comfortable pace!

Health Woes

Luckily I have not been infected with Covid 19, and will continue to ensure that is the case by masking up and being safe. Unfortunately, the same cannot be said about the person I live with, who is getting sick of masks and is not afraid to have neighbors over despite my pleas. Thus, I’m pretty terrified that I’ll wake up to a rather bad day, especially as my home state is out of nurses to use. So, while things are fine for now, I’m honestly not expecting anything good for the next month, so I ask that if anything does go south, to please forgive me if I have to cease all activity on Seafoam Gaming, the eternal memories, and unboxings for an undisclosed period of tie if I or my grandmother gets sick. Living life is my best priority, no matter what.

Next Gen Terminology

With a new console generation upon us, that means backwards compatibility is a thing now. I chose the Xbox Series X for this generation, aiming to get into that ecosystem, and thus, I will eventually review games for that system. However, Xbox One games are still going to be coming out in droves, even if it’s not made with XSX in mind. But due to the XSX running all games with fast loading and other benefits, even without being next-gen proper, I decided that, any game I review on the Xbox Series X will be labeled as Xbox Series X to indicate the hardware I’m reviewing it on, just like how I put “PS VITA/TV” for those reviews. If there’s a distinct different between XBO and XSX versions, I’ll note that, but otherwise, I’m gonna use XSX as a blanket term since that’s the only Microsoft console I own, and thus, I can’t really say how a game that may be liked due to fast loading would work on the original XBO models, so I’m gonna base it off the hardware I own. The core game should be the same, so thus, XBO owners reading my reviews should be fine. PS5 will be a bit different, since PS4 games do benefit from some of the similar boosts in power that the Series X has, but a lot of PS5 games are distinctly labeled, instead of being one multi-sku disc that’s a bit confusing like on Xbox. So, if I review a PS5 game, it’ll be PS5, but if I play a PS4 game on PS5, it’ll be labeled PS4, but with the fact that I’m playing on PS5 and thus faster loading/framerate will be tougher to compare to the base models. I don’t expect to get a PS5 for a long while anyway, but I figured it’s best to inform.

So yeah, that was a very brief, but simple status update on my recent happenings. New job and new routine will take a bit to get used to, but limiting my review intake is good for the time being. Publishers: if you still want to send me a review copy or ask me to get one, you can email me like you always have, and the worst I’ll say is “no”! I may just wait until I free up more to check out your game, if reviewing is still an option, but otherwise, I’ll be asking you for a review opportunity if I am interested. Here’s hoping we can stay healthy together!

Thoughts on the Review?

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