Prelude to A New Beginning

Six hours.

Six hours from now, the biggest project in SFG history will go live. I noted a while ago that recent events have made me completely demotivated, and thus, I had to do soul searching, both for reviews and for articles. It was only natural then, that a long-time goal in the making would just so happen to be accomplished during my darkest hours, giving me the light I needed to pull back into something I liked.

And indeed, the project I plan to debut in six hours from this article’s release is easily one that got me in way better spirits than ever before. It’s a bit funny, since the subject matter I discuss with the person in question, was one that saved me from a dark place all the way back in 2006: So in a sense, the interview subject saved my soul yet again! I worried I ended up making the interview a bit about myself and my struggles, but if you know the subject matter, you should hopefully understand why that’d be!

I guess this is just a brief prelude for what’s to come. I’m writing and drafting reviews, and while I can’t promise I’ll be back to the activity I was at before, I still feel more confident in saying this is the next phase for Seafoam Gaming: back to writing, hopefully back to more public appearances on other outlets, and back to my video content. Having not done unboxings or work on Eternal Memories scripts in a while, that latter aspect is definitely in need of some care and attention! Of course, I still do all this while juggling with full-time work, so like always, bear with me: i’ll try my best to listen to feedback and whatnot!

But yeah… Just hope this is the start of me pulling back into things, finishing my review queue, and just making a good name for myself. And to continue the interview initiative I started all those years ago.

Thoughts on the Review?

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