Yet Another Quality Control Issue from LRG, with Monkey Island

Stealth edit here at the top: I notice this article and another one gain traction now and then, usually because people google Limited Run in hopes of finding status updates due to their abhorrently shitty lack of ETAs. However, recently the company has been getting flak for firing a transphobic community manager, and while I haven’t seen too much in the stats to indicate such, I’m not gonna allow this article to be used as ammo. Yes, everything I express here critiquing the company is still legitimate as far as I’m concerned and their QC has not improved much even in 2023, and I still have tons of issues that make it so I won’t buy from LRG ever again unless they massively improve their act with quality control, professionalism, and not exploiting FOMO.

But doing the right thing and firing a transphobe leading a community full of LGBT gamers and fans, is not something I consider a valid reason to dislike them. With transphobia on the rise in the US, I’ll instead inject select articles with this prelude asking you to donate to notable charities to help LGBT in need.  Thank You, now onto the main article.

I hate doing this. I always preface these sort of articles with that. I felt my report card was as much as I needed to talk about limprint companies for a long while, but having been DM’d tips and images regarding a situation I didn’t hear a word about, I figured I needed to make an article to inform buyers of this particular item regarding an issue that stems from it, and what’s er, been done to “fix” the situation.

So a long while back, Limited Run released a Monkey Island Collector Edition for PC. It actually was revised from an earlier version that was a bit more simplistic and lacked some of the original assets for the art/outer box, but I honestly thought it seemed like a pretty neat idea, even if the lack of any sort of familiarity with the series led to me personally passing on it.

When it finally arrived earlier this year, I did hear about some minor bumps: mainly, the fact that the spine has the games listed out of release order, but it really didn’t seem like nothing to worry about, and in photograph form, it’s a damn gorgeous package, including both discs and USBs containing all the included games in the collection in varying forms, along with a bunch of goodies and a signed card from the series creator. All in all, a package that looked pretty rad.

That is, until a reddit thread came out, indicating one of the DVD-Roms was completely unplayable. Monkey Island 2 Special Edition would just flat-out not work, but it was also on the included USB, which did work. It seemed like a weird issue, but I thought nothing of it at the time, though I was also linked to a tweet thread indicating that some USBs arrived corrupted and wouldn’t work either:

Still, I don’t consider situations like these to be generally newsworthy to speak of. Stuff does happen, even when it comes to big mainstream companies: stuff accidentally slips by, and usually replacements exist to get fixed. Even before my gripes with LRG, that happened whenever the occasional PS4 box would come to someone with a dent in it, just due to the nature of mail. Having not heard much followup on this since, I just went about my business and made a small mention of it in a prior article, but left it at that.

Turns out, people were told by support that they could get replacements, and it seems that the disc in question (Disc 1) would be replaced with a working copy in due time. However, next to nobody publicly reported this as an issue on Twitter at all, leading to me to suspect it was a very minor isolated issue, so I just went back to waiting and seeing what would happen or come from these replacements.

Welp, replacements are going out, and per my source, folks in the LRG discord are getting their replacements… And it’s literally a CD/DVD-R, purple backing and all. Whatever the case, I have heard these at least work, and those with Monkey Island on PC should contact LRG support to get a replacement. I’m assuming due to multiple people encountering the same issue with Disc 1, that Disc 1 on all the units are impacted in some form, so you probably should test that out and see if MI2 works for you, and if not, contact LRG support pronto.

Either way, the issue remains that either a portion or heaven forbid, all copies of Disc 1 from the Monkey Island Anthology are borked in some way, and while the USB will provide you your game just fine, (DRM-Free even!) it’s pretty irksome that this outright broken disc went completely unaddressed by LRG, so I figured I’d make this article to let those with the CE know that they can check and get a replacement disc for it.

The fact I had to find out via a Discord DM tipster isn’t exactly the most promising sign, especially since Game Tengoku replacements and that whole Shiren PC incident also went about without a public statement from LRG. Still, both of those got resolved (well, the former, the latter I argue just applied a bandaid on a severed leg), and while a DVD-R is a lazy way to fix the issue, they at least did something… Even if it makes me honestly feel that LRG just aren’t good at making PC Collector Editions at all lately.

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