Dispatch Games is Dead. Brian Schorr Stole Your Money.

As if by horrible cosmic fate, a day after I wrote a rant about the company in the recent SFG status update… Doing some digging on the company’s status, I have found that Dispatch Games has been marked as an inactive business. You can see screencaps below.

First off, the most damning, biggest find, which I immediately posted to socials before this article, is from the Tennessee state themselves.

Yep. Last month, they were marked as revoked due to them not paying their administrative fees. If this isn’t concrete evidence, well…

Oh hey, them being inactive in the state of CA for TN last year when they ran out of money. Shortly after the Tengoku carts were pictured, too. Funny how that is.

So yeah, not much else to say. Their business could still *technically* be alive since it’s still a one person joint and their website exists, but honestly, when both states you operate in show you as inactive due to not having funds to go on, it’s beyond apparent that those 3 year old preorders are never happening.

Brian Schorr scammed you all. Even if his company never intended to do that when it was formed, it ended up that way due to a series of events. Rather than take accountability, he just decided to risk everything to put out CEs with vinyl records during a pandemic and vinyl shortage. Now they’ll never ever happen. Even if by some miracle he gets to be a millionaire and can finish all those CEs next week, the fact he never ever updated anyone in any substantial fashion and ghosted customers for long periods of time, and nuked socials mainly to break my older articles calling him out? Yeah no, Dispatch Games will continue to be the worst limited print I have ever come across, and is likely to stay that way forever.

Sure wish those sites I news tipped months ago raised the alarm. Maybe then something could have happened so people could get refunds. Sadly, it seems if you didn’t get one already, your chance is gone. I wish I could have done more but alas. Maybe this will help the press spread the word and get Brian to do the right thing and come clean.

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