Twitter Hates WordPress, so What Now?

Well, this was a sudden update I had to post. Not gonna lie, I enjoyed the week of relative peace I had away from twitter, using SFG as a means to post my review to twitter and pretty much just make the twitter account for switchposting and new article notifications only.

Unfortunately, API nonsense kicked in and it seems Mr. Apartheid wants more cash, and thus my hosting provider WordPress is refusing to budge on paying his absurd monthly fees. That means after this post tonight, all future reviews and articles won’t be posted to the SFG twitter… Because the API link is busted.

No, I’m not manually posting on Twitter. Maybe if something on the tier of the Tomie interview pops up again. The site has gotten way too toxic and nasty since I left that I feel I chose the perfect day to just focus on discord/reddit communities for hanging with friends, and using email for everything else.

No, I’m not joining whatever randomass site pops up that will die in 2 years. Especially not the twitter clone from the old twitter dude who allowed nazis everywhere. I’m on Cohost and semi-active there under the same name, but that site is basically a corpse at this point. If the JP audience moves to a new site, I may follow them, but I dunno.

For reviews and informing devs/pubs of my longer term waits, I think I should still be fine. Most of the queue have email contacts and the few I have from Keymailer, I should be able to message them via other means. If a review goes live, the dev who sent me the copy will know about it.

For viewership concerns, well… Thankfully most views nowadays come from SEO and Opencritic, but twitter was a big help. Especially for stuff like the Tomie interview. Alas, I guess it’s not meant to be.

Sorry to say, I don’t have much else to note. If you wanna reach out to me, my business email is on the SFG youtube. Or follow the site and get automatic email updates by clicking the follow button on the sidebar. Either way, the next reviews are planned to be Senran Kagura, Gematombe, and Magical Drop VI, but maybe not in that order. I’ll keep on with the queue and look forward to what May has in store. I hope you stick around!

Thoughts on the Review?

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