Eternal Memories PMD: Future Episode Plans, ETAs, etc

Originally posted July 12th 2015 on the old Seafoam Gaming Forums. It has been updated since then.

Here is a list of planned episodes for my Retrospective series, Eternal Memories, which will be uploaded to the Seafoam Gaming youtube channel in the future. These may take a while to make, but I hope you enjoy hearing about my personal memories with certain games, as well as learning some history about them!

Eternal Memories: PMD 3.5: Post Story and the Future Battle (ETA: Holiday 2016)

Eternal Memories: PMD Part 4: The Wait for Gates 

Explains my memories of the anticipation I had for Gates to Infinity, along with fears of the forbidden trio of Pokemon Mystery Dungeon games being the reason for the series’ decline in quality. Will go over the anime clips. Not in planning, but will have some history and will be similar to the Rescue Team Episode. (ETA: Holiday 2016)
Eternal Memories: PMD Part 5: The Finale That Shocked Us All
Explains in incredible detail the hype me and some new friends had for the (currently) final installment in the PMD series, from the Japanese Launch to the European launch, along with my memories of the game itself! Will include all the history that I know. (ETA: Summer/Early Autumn)


Thoughts on the Review?

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