AVOIDER (Wii U eShop)- Review

Originally published January 31 2016 on the Seafoam Gaming

Thanks to RCMADIAX for the review code.

DISCLAIMER: This review is based off of Version 1.0. Outside of a music change, the game is exactly the same when Version 2.0 hits


System: Wii U (eShop)

Price: $1.49

Release date: 01/07/2016

The main game/story

In this high score chaser, you avoid enemy arrows. That’s the entire point of the game, essentially making this the simplest title that I’ve ever reviewed.


The game looks incredibly basic, almost as if it’s a flash game. While I’d usually consider that a bad sign, considering how this game is pretty much one that makes you stare at the screen for ages, it at least helps make the game not hurt your eyes due to the basic visuals. However when you consider the fact that the other games ported by this developer have had more “active” backgrounds while still being simple on the eyes, it does leave a lot to be desired, as it’s inevitable that you’ll be staring at a black background for a long time once you get good at the game.

Music and Sound:

The only sound of any kind that you’ll listen to in this title is an incredibly repetitive, monotonous song that will loop infinitely for all eternity… If you got it before this review. Apparently, the song that was put in the game was actually sampling too much of another musician’s work, so the musician of this game had to apologize while the developer went and replaced the audio track. Whether you have Version 1.0 or Version 2.0 however, one thing will likely stay the same, and that is the lack of any sound effects whatsoever. I can’t see the future, so I don’t know if the update will include sound effects along with a better background song. Regardless, I’m reviewing based off of what was available, and at the moment the sound department is really lackluster. Here’s hoping the update improves that area in some capacity, however.


The gameplay is all in the title. You must be an avoider and dodge every single triangle that’s hurled towards you. White triangles hate the color red, so if you get hit by one, you lose. The entire point of this game is to simply get the highest score by staying as far away from the red triangles for as long as possible. You move with the stylus, and that’s literally everything that you do in this title. It would be fine if the arrows started to act more aggressive as you got higher scores, but it seemed that even after breaking 5000 points they remained at the same speed, meaning that once you learn how to avoid them skillfully, you’ll most likely be bored out of your mind, essentially making the game impossible to lose unless you either get bored and lose on purpose, or if the repetitive nature causes you to make a dumb mistake.


In conclusion, AVOIDER is by far the simplest game that I’ve ever played in my life. Unfortunately, it isn’t the best kind of simple, with really no motivation to try harder once you know what you’re doing. The enemies don’t seem to increase their speed or intensity, and the overall game is just boring. Even for the current price of $1.49, AVOIDER is way too costly for the value. True to the title, I do suggest that this is a title that you are the AVOIDER of.

I give AVOIDER a 2 out of 10

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