Skeasy (Wii U eShop)- Review

Originally posted January 31st 2016 on the Seafoam Gaming forums

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System: Wii U (eShop)

Price: $1.49

Release date: 1/21/2016

The main game/story

With a very similar concept to another game ported by this publisher, AVOIDER, you are supposed to avoid all of the trees that progress in your way, in what’s possibly the biggest forest on planet Earth.


The visuals of this title are incredibly simple, though thankfully not as simple as the visuals in AVOIDER. The screen scrolls nice and smoothly, and there’s a small yet neat touch of falling snow that you might notice off and on. Still incredibly basic for what an eShop title should be, but a much better improvement over the bland black background of AVOIDER.

Music and Sound:

Once again, the Audio department is all over the place with this one. Unlike AVOIDER, there are actually sound effects, although very few of them, they work and do their job. The music on the other hand, is just as monotonous as the song from AVOIDER, although not nearly as horrendous. This theme sounds perfect for that of a Puzzle game, but for a game where you are supposed to avoid obstacles nonstop it just seems a bit out of place. Still, a better improvement overall for a port like this.


Similar to AVOIDER, the main goal is to avoid hitting a specific obstacle, gaining points as time progresses. However, unlike AVOIDER which suffered from complete repetitiveness and boredom-inducing gameplay, SKEASY actually managed to do the idea of “dodge everything” correctly. One difference between the two is that SKEASY uses the D-Pad to move left and right, instead of stylus controls, allowing for more precise movement. Another difference that I seemed to notice is that as you continue to progress through the game, you’ll eventually find yourself having to deal with the randomized tree placement. While they unfortunately don’t multiply in numbers the higher your score gets, they do change their spawn points at random, making no two routes the same, and making it so that you still need to be focused in order to dodge the obstacles, with the automatic movement to the left or right also complementing this.


In conclusion, SKEASY is essentially what AVOIDER should have been in the first place; a simple concept with randomized obstacles to encourage high score chasers to give this game a shot. While I do wish that the audio had more fitting music, and that the obstacles would increase in number alongside their random placement, I still felt that SKEASY was a decent way to kill time for a fair price. If you have to choose between AVOIDER and SKEASY, then absolutely go for this one if you are a high score fan. Just don’t expect much in terms of content, and be prepared for the repetitive nature of the gameplay. I give SKEASY a 4 out of 10, and only recommend it for the most hardcore of high-score enthusiasts.

Check out the Seafoam Gaming youtube video on this game, here:

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