Introducing the NEW Seafoam Gaming! & Considering a Patreon

Hello everyone!

As you read this, I hope that the new site is up and ready to go, and that all the behind the scenes work that I performed was successful. Finally free from anxiety, I’m proud to unveil the new Seafoam Gaming website! To learn why I made this change, go here.

So of course, you may be wondering, what now? Well I’m glad you asked! I’ve been working hard to get a wide variety of reviews ready for the Re-opening weekend, and of course I’ve been crossing my fingers to hear back from Nintendo of America’s PR Regarding their Brand Ambassador program, due to my desire to cover and give feedback on as many upcoming Nintendo games as possible.

And of course, I didn’t forget about the many other devs out there! I still plan to review indie games all the same, along with numerous third party titles for the systems I own, but obviously I can’t guarantee that I’ll be able to review EVERY game on the planet. I’d love to, but obviously that’s not quite possible. Still, I plan to give my thoughts on the recent games whenever I can, and continue work on the Youtube channel. Speaking of which…

The Seafoam Gaming Youtube Channel is considering a Patreon!

That’s right, but before you get too excited, remember the key word is considering. I’m very new to the whole realm of fundraising, and honestly I didn’t really want to think about such things until much later on in the website’s life cycle. Well, it wasn’t until a few weeks ago that a close friend of mine suggested it as a way of giving folks an option to donate to me in order to help me out with purchasing Virtual Console games to record gameplay footage of, (As if they keep up the current pattern, my wallet will burn!) as well as mainly using it as a tip jar. What that basically means is, I have no plans to offer any “exclusive rewards” (Unless you count having your name in the credits of my EM Videos, which would sorta count as a reward) for the time being, as honestly I don’t feel that my content is up to that standard yet. Possibly some unreleased ideas could be uploaded there in the future? Who knows, but for the moment, if I do go ahead with making one, I plan to really only have it be a tip jar for folks who want to help out a beginner to the whole youtube thing. If the PMD Eternal Memories performs well after Part V launches in the fall, I may consider expanding it into a full on “Fund per episode” deal.

Once again, I’m only considering it for the time being, mainly because I want to first take time to look into the Patreon guidelines and observe how it operates. If I think it would work out as a good tip-jar of sorts, then I’ll open one. Of course, that also will be determined based off of the comments of this article! Do you think it’s too early to think about a Patreon, or should I go ahead and have it be an option for those wanting to just donate as a kind gesture? Let me know in the comments, and either way, I doubt that I would open it for a while. At the moment, it’s nothing more than a possibility, so if you really want me to open one for some reason, then speak up!

Before I end this announcement, I’d like to once again thank the Twitter user FederationForce for giving me to push to migrate to the new format, which after moving all of my content over to this new site, makes the whole place look much nicer than it ever did on the forums. Speaking of the forums, for three months from now you should be able to visit them if you are curious to see my history over the past six years, before they’ll be removed due to inactivity now that it’s been converted back to the original freeforum name of PBZ. (Of course, you could make a random post on the forums in order to keep them alive, but there’s really no point with everything moved…) Hop in a time machine and go here while you still can!

Thoughts on the Review?

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