TAP TAP ARCADE (Wii U eShop)- Review

Thanks to RCMADIAX for the review code
Note: This game is a compilation of two games that I’ve already reviewed on this site. The links will be provided at the end of this review. These games are unaltered from their standalone versions, meaning that anything I pointed out in those reviews apply to this version.

System: Wii U (eShop)
Price: $1.99
Release date: 2/18/2015

The main game/story

Mentioned in the opening notice, this is a compilation of two games that I already reviewed in full on the site. Unfortunately, they are unaltered, meaning I’ll review this game based on value alone along with the minor things you see at the game select menu.


The Game Select screen looks incredibly simplistic, with a simple red background and the game logos. Outside of that and a small “return to menu” button in the two games, anything related to the visuals of both Don’t Crash and Spikey Walls apply here as they are unchanged.

Music and Sound

Like with everything else, any audio issues/oddities regarding the original two games are unaltered here, meaning Don’t Crash still has a repetitive soundtrack, Spikey Walls lacks sound effects, and so on. In terms of new things, the menu theme for the game select menu is rather bland and overly simplistic, leaving not much to comment on.


Literally the only thing new that isn’t in the original games is the ability to touch to choose the game and to go back to the main menu. Everything regarding gameplay mechanics in both titles are 100% the exact same. For the most part, at least its easy to switch between games whenever you want to.


In conclusion, TAP TAP ARCADE is a title that pretty much is the literally definition of a faithful compilation… Perhaps too faithful, considering how the developer didn’t end up tweaking the experiences of either of the two included games to make them more enjoyable. That being said, despite the individual problems I had with both Don’t Crash and Spikey Walls, I can at least see the general idea that RCMADIAX had for this game, so if you happen to be interested in even one of these titles, I recommend getting this version instead. That way you can consider it as a special deal where you can get the other game as a bonus! Outside of that however, there’s really not much new to say regarding this compilation.

I give TAP TAP ARCADE a 4 out of 10, only recommending it to folks curious about either one of the games included in the collection, and I pretty much suggest you get this instead of getting any of the included games by themselves.

For the review of DON’T CRASH, Go here.

For the review of SPIKEY WALLS, Go here.

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