Eternal Memories: PMD Part III Behind the Scenes

Today my biggest passion project yet was completed and uploaded to the Seafoam Gaming youtube channel, something that took a crazy long time for me to make. If you’re here, either out of chance or wanting to learn more about the long process, then listen up, as its a long tale. I’ll be asking myself questions you may be thinking of, and then i’ll answer them to give some insight on the making of this retrospective.

Why the ten month wait?

Simply put, demotivation was my ultimate enemy. I mention in the update video that the low view count of Eternal Memories II was a major mood killer for me, and seeing how I felt more comfortable writing reviews for this site compared to making long videos about my past, I decided to focus more on the site and save the channel for gameplay videos.

What got you back into the project?

I decided to give this another try around the time that Explorers of Sky launched on the Wii U Virtual Console. After all, if everyone else is still playing the game, then maybe a video on it wouldn’t be worthless.

What was the process like? How long did it take?

 I planned a general idea out right after finishing up Part II. I got permission from Theguitahheroe to use his PMDRMP remasters for Eternal Memories, and I also got permission from a youtuber named TheAggyyu to use his gameplay footage, and without him this would probably still be in development hell. This was before the demotivation hit me, but once I forced myself back on track, I decided to make the most of my video editing skills to make a retrospective that was engaging to watch for fans of the game.

Why is Eternal Memories III almost a hour long?

For a similar reason to why Part I was the same length. Eternal Memories is a short series I decided to start up to give a memory commentary and history lessons on games/anime/etc that I liked growing up to see whether they hold up today, and I had quite a bit of memories (good and bad) about the main story of Explorers, which is a very long story. I cut out a lot of the filler chapters due to having nothing of importance to say about them, and I cut out the Post Story for the same reason. (Although I will address the Post-Game ending in PMD 3.5, along with Special Episode 5 from Sky.)

Part 3.5? What’s that?

The leftover memories I have of the Explorers saga that I couldn’t fit into this episode due to wanting to leave it behind me. There aren’t that many but I’d rather give the leftovers their own episode instead of rush them into this one.

Why is your voice so dumb?

Since I know this will be an inevitable question, I touched upon it back in Eternal Memories I, which pointed out (outside of the obvious fact that its part of who I am) that due to delayed development of my human skills I ended up having to get help with speech at the age of eight, which kinda makes me a bit behind in that regard. I still do my best to pull through regardless of my limitations and I hope to break them one day, but I still get the occasional dislike due to a voice I can’t do much about. 😦

You forgot ____! That was my FAVORITE part of the game!

If I didn’t mention something or only did so in passing, it was because I didn’t have much to say on said part. I don’t mention The Waterfall Cave saga for example since there was literally nothing of interest that happened for me back then, while on the other hand Team Skull’s chapter was something that I remembered very well for the wrong reasons.


I just know I’m going to get a comment from someone claiming I never gave these games a chance because I don’t share the same opinion of them being the best Pokemon Games ever made, but that’s my opinion and mine alone. I explain it pretty well in the video, so I hope you respect it instead of nag about me nagging about the low points in the story (which DO exist, as no game is perfect.)

What’s Next?

Well, I have some fun ideas for the next episode of Eternal Memories. You can vote on them here and sometime in the next week or so (Or earlier if I get enough votes) I’ll choose the winner and make an Eternal Memories episode on that subject. None of the choices will lead to episodes as long as the PMD Retrospective, which will be nice for all of us. I also plan to open a Patreon so that anyone who’s interested could help me out when making these videos while also getting access to extra stuff like my scripts or early episodes. You may even get something along the lines of this article if you pledge! It’s still up in the air however so it won’t be set up for a while, and the episodes will be free to watch on youtube nevertheless!

I thank you all for reading this fun little Q&A with myself, and I hope it gave you some insight on my retrospective, which you can watch right here! Let’s get this passion project spread around.

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