Word Logic by POWGI (Wii U/3DS eShop)- Review

Thanks to Lightwood Games for the review code

Title: Word Logic By POWGI
System: 3DS/Wii U eShop
Price: $9.99
Release Date: 08/18/2016


The general template for the background is copied directly from Word Puzzles by POWGI, so don’t expect much in terms of a fancier menu. The stat bar and level select still look the same, with the only visual change being the different games included this time around. Overall, rather disappointing to see the lack of major visual changes from the last game, but at least the game does a better job than Epic Word Search 2.

Music and Sound

The music is recycled from the previous game once again with a few slightly different tunes here and there, so there’s really not much to write home about except that its just as forgettable as the prior installment.


Like with Word Puzzles By POWGI, Word Logic contains multiple Word games, each with a nice variety of levels to complete. Like I did with my review of the prior title, I’m going to simply list off the games individually and give you my thoughts on each.

Crypto: Mess around by placing letters in blank spots to form a famous quote. Depending on how many quotes from western media you recognize, this will either be moderately enjoyable or absolutely confusing if you never grew up with the quotes feature in this mode.

Kriss Kross: A pretty boring mode where you fit words of varying letters into a crossword puzzle, all while making sure that every direction creates a real word from the word bank.

Ladders: By far the best game of the bunch, with a simple premise of making the word on the top of the ladder match with the word on the bottom by switching letters around until they match. A simple concept that gradually gets more difficult as you progress, and I found myself having a bit of fun with this mode.

Word Sudoku: Pretty much Sudoku with letters replacing numbers and it ends up being just as boring and tedious as the original game, if not more so. Nothing special to report here.

Wordsweeper: By far the most convoluted of the compilation, with really difficult grids that require you to fill in the empty spaces using clues on some of the black boxes. This one starts off as a difficult one right from the start so you need to have a lot of patience.

Gaps: A surprisingly enjoyable mode where you are given a few incomplete words and must complete them in a way that’ll make the blank space at the top form a brand new word. Pretty basic yet fun!


In conclusion, Word Logic doesn’t do too much to shake things up compared to the previous installment, instead focusing on harder word puzzles to pad out the experience since amiibo support is gone. With only two of the games being fit for short play sessions, Word Logic by POWGI is much tougher to recommend compared to the previous installment, even with Cross-Buy support. Still, if you’d prefer a tougher challenge and don’t mind the steep $10 price tag, Word Logic By POWGI does the job despite how it doesn’t do much to shake things up at all, and feels a bit lacking compared to the previous POWGI game. I give Word Logic by POWGI a 5 out of 10.

Thoughts on the Review?

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