I and Me (Switch eShop)- Review

Thanks to Ratalaika Games for the review code

Title: I and Me
System: Nintendo Switch (eShop)
Price: $9.99
Release Date: 7/13/2017


It’s rather difficult to explain the presentation of I and Me, since when it comes to the visuals they don’t really give off any specific vibes. The backgrounds seem to be watercolored, and the two Cats you control at all times are just black, fluffy balls with eyes. Really the only thing to note about the presentation is that whenever the story advances (either naturally or when you collect one of the hidden pages) it’s presented in a Cursive font, something that not many people in this day and age know how to read. I was still able to understand what was going on by looking at it in handheld mode, but good luck trying to read it on the big screen if you have little to no experience with cursive.


On the musical side of things, the soundtrack is rather unremarkable, with mellow piano melodies accompanying each of the worlds, with none of the tracks being memorable or catch in any way, shape or form. Nothing special to find here.


From the very first level of the game the simple concept is presented to players in an easy to understand fashion, tasking the player to simply move the two black cats to the right, which leads them into wooden boxes that’ll take them to the next stage. From there, the entire point of each level is to manipulate the movements of each cat so that way their symmetrical movement will lead them both into the exit boxes at the exact same time, with some obstacles and hazards being added along the way.


And to be perfectly blunt, that’s the entire game. The controls are incredibly simple, since there’s only moving and jumping, and as long as you take your time and focus even levels that have several enemies blocking your path will be cleared in no time at all. Within a good half hour I had the second world unlocked, which was already after I played through twenty easy levels. There was no special gimmicks, nothing clever or anything to make this game stand out from some of the other similar puzzle games that I’ve played in the past on my computer and on my 3DS.


If anything, the most interesting part of the game comes from these scrolls that are littered around certain stages in the game, which require a lot more thought to collect than beating the levels by themselves. For instance, one level required me to move one of the cats around some dangerous spikes, while making sure to not let the secondary cat at the bottom of the level hit the spikes on the ceiling by jumping. It was fairly simple when playing the normal way as it was just moving back and forth, but when I got the scroll, I had to go through the spike maze with the first one yet again, which made things a bit tougher. Still, the game moves along at a quick and fair pace, and if you take your time puzzle experts can easily 100% this game in a couple of hours.


In conclusion, I and Me is a decent puzzle game, that suffers from having a dull presentation and little to motivate you. It is a nice way to spend a few afternoons, since the overall game isn’t too difficult, nor is it insultingly easy. There’s really nothing else to say about this game outside of the fact that if you love puzzle games where you control two characters at once, (such as Binary Land) then this will be a short but sweet fix for some hours of entertainment. I just wish there was more to this game to make it stand out as a must-have, since as it stands now the game is simply an average experience that’s a bit too pricey for the length. It isn’t bad or poorly made, it just feels like yet another puzzle game that doesn’t really have a purpose at this point in time, outside of being something to pad out the Switch eShop or to be something short and simple for players to clear in a weekend. I give I and Me a 5 out of 10.

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