Mom Hid My Game! (Switch eShop)- Review

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Title: Mom Hid My Game!
System: Switch eShop
Price: $4.99
Release Date: 12/15/2017


Going for a quirky art style, Mom Hid My Game is a hidden object game where the entire game takes place on a blue background with numerous objects decorating the house that the boy and Mother live in. Being a hidden object game, there’s not much when it comes to menus or visual detail, outside of the many, many amusing game over screens that you can run into.



In this hidden object puzzle game, you must search the rooms of your house every day for fifty days in order to find the location of your game system. This is done by either using the controller or the touchscreen to interact with anything that seems suspicious, which can lead to you finding items to use on other parts of the screen to encountering one of the ways of getting a game over. Either by using an item on the wrong part of the screen, triggering an event that causes Mom to catch you in the act, (even if it makes no sense at all, as many of these moments involve her hiding in random places such as the closet or in a tree) or trying to do an event too early.


For the most part, this type of gameplay works well, starting off with levels that have very basic solutions of opening a door and finding the game system before they evolve into more complicated stages that require gathering multiple items and using them in very specific and even stranger ways. Some of the later levels are downright amusing due to how nonsensical they become, which also leads to even funnier game overs. Outside of that, the game’s fairly short, and the fifty levels is all you get, although if you get stuck on a particular level, the game allows you to use hint cards to help you get out of any that give you trouble.


In conclusion, Mom Hid My Game is an amusing hidden object game that’s worth a look for the craziness of the later levels alone. That being said, while it does stand out a lot better than your average hidden object game due to the art style and quirkiness, the game is still rather short, and once you beat all fifty stages there’s not really any sort of reason to replay the game again outside of showing it to friends. $5 isn’t the worst price for a game of this length, and this is still enjoyable nevertheless, but part of me thinks that they could have gone even more crazy on the game overs to make the game even more ridiculous. I give Mom Hid My Game a 6 out of 10, and you can check out the eShop page for the game here.

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