PDP Slim Camo Cases (Switch Accessory)- Review

Thanks to PDP Gaming for the review units

Title: PDP Nintendo Switch Slim Camo Case
Price: $14.99
Release Date: September 2018


It’s been a long, long while since I’ve covered a non-video game product on this website. Since I got not one, but four of the PDP slim cases a few weeks ago, thanks to PDP giving me a lovely surprise in the form of the package. I chose the Luigi one due to the color scheme being my favorite.


I was honestly considering a new Switch case to replace the Breath of the Wild Collector’s Edition case that I’ve been using since the console launch day. That case is pretty big and thick, with twelve game card slots and space for two separate joycons. In comparison, the PDP Slim Camo Cases are meant a slimmer alternative to bigger cases, being able to store a Switch with two joycons attached, six game cards and a small room for placing a tiny accessory like the joycon strap. (Placing an actual joycon into this compartment led to the case not wanting to close, unfortunately)


Ever since the day I filmed the unboxing, I’ve been using it daily on my trips to college and anywhere else I needed to play while I was away. Even though locking it in had an extra step to it compared to my old Zelda case due to having to wrap a strap behind the system instead of just putting it in and zipping up the case, I quickly got used to it and had no problem pulling the system in and out of the console when I needed to. It’s a pretty tight fit though, so I wouldn’t recommend dropping the case even though it feels pretty sturdy, since no amount of dropping will help the system regardless of how good a case is. You’re better off putting the case in a backpack or something bigger if you don’t want to worry about drop damage, yet still want to go on a walk with it.


The last thing I noticed with this case, at least so it seemed, was that within a week of using it my right blue joycon had some sort of tiny scratch on the plastic. I don’t know if it was a result of my attempt to put a joycon into the storage compartment, (which is right above the system and stored games, and seems to be the most likely cause) but it was an odd thing I noticed, and switching to my grey set didn’t seem to replicate the issue once I used those for a while.


In conclusion, my experience with the PDP Slim Case was pretty enjoyable, serving as a worthy successor to my Breath of the Wild case. While the smaller accessory segment is unfortunate to deal with, the decent amount of game storage and the affordable $15 price tag does make this a decent deal for those who either don’t already have a Switch case, or who want to buy a backup case in case their older one wears out. There are four variants of this particular case available: Mario, Luigi, Donkey Kong and Yoshi. They are all the same size and price, while also serving the same function, so the design is the only major difference.

Due to how this is a carrying case that serves one purpose and one purpose only, I’m not giving this product an overall score, instead I hope the words I expressed in this review are enough for you to make up your own mind, and to also detail my own experience with the product, which has been mostly positive. Nevertheless, I think this will likely be my go-to case for the time being, with me using the old BOTW case if I need to take tons of Switch carts with me on vacation.

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