Reed Remastered (PS4)- Review

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Title: Reed Remastered
System: PS4
Price: $4.99
Release Date: 02/11/2020


Reed goes for a pixel art style, zoomed in pretty closely for a simple platforming experience. Originally, this game had a more simple, cuter look when it originally came out on iOS, but this “remastered” version uses the upgraded look from the sequel… Which in turn makes Reed looks almost identical to it as a result. The game still looks good, with well-done colors and backgrounds, but the game can all blend together still, since the stage backgrounds don’t change too drastically over the course of the game.

As for the soundtrack… Well, there isn’t one. I’m not kidding, the entire game just plays this strange synth sound as background noise for the majority of the game, and while it does sound kinda soothing, the lack of proper songs gets really irksome before too long.


Reed is a hyper-fast paced platformer, where it’s just you and a double jump stopping your cat character from reaching the goal. With only the jump button and the ability to move, this is yet another in the huge sea of simplistic platformers, but Reed isn’t playing around with the speed. Your character moves fast, and the stages are extraordinarily short, yet sweet, tasking you with picking up a cube in order to open up the exit door and move straight onto the next level.

And indeed, that’s the gameplay loop of Reed. Just like Gravity Duck, it’s extraordinarily simple, and the stages are super fast, though unlike that game, the level design here is more interesting, with more varied layouts and smart enemy placement, alongside some secret exits leading to bonus cubes. There are lots of hazards out to get you too, from collapsing platforms, death spikes, arrows, and even angry chickens thrown into the mix.

On the other hand, there’s not many stages in Reed, with only around fifty in total, and I was able to blaze through 34 of them in a half hour or so. The stuff that’s here is great fun, but it doesn’t last too terribly long, and there’s little replay value outside of the few hidden stages, so when all’s said and done, there’s not much else to talk about.


Reed is a fun, fast-paced platformer with enjoyable level design, but the content just isn’t there. While Gravity Duck sports more levels, it’s far more boring and dull, not benefitting from the good level design found here. On the other hand, even the hidden secrets in Reed aren’t enough to make this a replayable experience, so while it’s a fun romp that controls very well, it’s more of a one-and-done you’re probably better off enjoying on sale.

As for the trophies, I can’t even criticize them, since while they don’t cover all the stages, they do cover 44 of them, which is so close to the end of the game that you might as well finish the adventure, even if it’s not $5 worth, or really anything too new or special.

I give Reed Remastered a 5 out of 10,

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