Get 10 Quest (Switch eShop)- Review

Thanks to Fantastico Studio for the review code

Title: Get 10 Quest
System: Nintendo Switch (eShop)
Price: $2.99
Release Date: 07/17/2020


This presentation is as mobile-gamey as a mobile game could get. I literally have nothing to note on this, since this game has the same touch-focused interface, the same type of generic background music, and the same sort of easy on the eyes color scheme I have seen in many other mobile puzzle titles, alongside a few for computers, mainly reminding me of other games such as Hexcells and Lines XL.


Get 10 Quest is a simplistic scorechaser that mixes the idea of 2048 with that of Collapse, and with Collapse being one of my favorite computer games growing up, I was pretty intrigued to see if this game would satisfy the craving I’ve had for a new installment. With two modes consisting of an endless scorechaser, and a stage-by-stage puzzle solving mode, this is a cookie cuter puzzler at best, so it’s up to the core gameplay to help determine if this one’s worth your time.

The good news is that Get 10 Quest does have a decent gameplay loop, although it wasn’t nearly as gripping or as addictive as I had hoped. The game throws a board of tiles at you, and you must touch one of the numbers on the screen, connected to other tiles of that same number. All of them will combine into the next number, which you must then use to connect to that newer number, and repeat the process to try and get the biggest number for bigger points.

For endless mode, this happens until you run out of usable spaces on the board, (since other numbers will fall from the top, meaning you’ll have to multitask hard with them) but the stage by stage mode is where the game gets a bit more depth. Here, each stage is a mini puzzle with a limited amount of moves, tasking you with reaching a certain number, getting a certain amount of points, clearing a certain amount of tiles, or doing things in a certain time in order to solve the puzzle. They can be pretty tricky, but with over sixty to go through, there’s a decent amount for this to be a good side mode.

Unfortunately, that’s all Get 10 Quest has going for it. While I do enjoy the main score chasing mode, the utter lack of a leaderboard kills a lot of replay value, as I feel online leaderboards would have done a signifiant job at allowing for competitions against people on your friends list and the like. It doesn’t help that despite the Collapse urge calling for me, the game flow just isn’t nearly as addictive as that block-busting classic, and it’s not nearly as satisfying to clear out a bunch of same-numbered tiles as it should be.


For three dollars, Get 10 Quest should have been a great portable addition to the Switch’s catalogue, but while the core concept is decent, it doesn’t do too much besides the bare minimum. The puzzle mode is a decent addition for a tiny bit of replay value, but the lack of anything else besides it and the endless mode, especially one without leaderboards, makes Get 10 Quest a dull puzzler you’re not likely to boot up to fill an addictive craving.

It’s not a bad game or anything, but considering the amount of superior, mobile-friendly budget titles such as Quell Zen, Switch N Shoot and others already available, Get 10 Quest just falls deep in the lower tier in an already crowded ecosystem.

I give Get 10 Quest a 5 out of 10.

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