Switch version of Game Tengoku PEGI Rated from Dispatch

If you remember a few months ago, I made one of many articles calling out Dispatch Games on their constant patterns of vanishing for two or more months at a time, and failing to provide updates on physical editions for games they opened preorders for two years ago now.

Unfortunately, it seems that trend continues, as they’ve gone MIA since march with no updates and all my attempts to contact them via PR emails and linkedin failing. Thus, it seems they’re off ghosting paying customers again. Yet, it seems they’re about to return yet again, for an eagle-eye friend of mine, TigerFestival caught on the Nintendo Switch Collector Discord that someone found a PEGI listing for Game Tengoku’s physical edition, see below:

Hey, filed as recently as one and a half weeks ago! Sure would be nice if the company would give paying customers an update on twitter or literally any social media they have instead of disabling twitter comments and erasing facebook ones. As for what this entails, well, it means that the game may be close to shipping in Europe…

But that’s the thing, the online release was an ESRB one, and the game was supposedly an online-only product. Does that mean there’s PAL preorders opening soon, or did they quietly cancel the US version to ship a PEGI one, which would make no sense whatsoever? (Not like the other things this company has done with their four preorderable games made sense…) Their other releases did launch in PAL regions alongside the US versions, so we’ll have to wait and see. Will Dispatch get the games out? I’m hopeful that a standard edition of Game Tengoku will be out the door by this year, but the other games I’m less hopeful on, especially as they continue to go MIA and refuse to answer the many questions customers and press have for them: one of the biggest being, why did the dispatch mini lineup of games quietly end, and the developer had to self-publish those games himself?

You can see the rating for yourself here.

Thoughts on the Review?

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