The Shinichiro Tomie Quest: One Year Later

Huh, time flies, doesn’t it?

Well, it sure has. Despite how much effort and time I spent, I’m ultimately very proud to say that a year ago today, I posted my interview with Shinichiro Tomie to the world. Not much else to add besides looking back: I am super glad and thankful for Kody’s help on translating the interview for the article, and to all my peers and friends I thanked in that piece: it continues to do well and I’ve noticed some PMD creators even citing it in their projects, which makes me feel that writeup was well worth the long, long quest to accomplish.

I’ve tried staying in touch with Tomie-San, but it’s pretty difficult when both of us are incredibly busy: I still ponder ideas like maybe an art collage for him, or a followup interview with him or another Chunsoft person, (Yamamoto-san is another I had in mind, due to him giving me a comment in said article) but at the moment, I’m kinda at a demotivational crossroads: the article did great, but right afterward I wanted to try and explain the whole story, year by year, in video form. My culmination is the Eternal Memories Special, which you can see below: it’s a 1hr+ Docu-style epic and I’m immensely proud of it.

Half of 2022, poured into this!

So, where do I stand a year later..? Really, just glad I managed to thank the man for his game saving my life. As much of a weird boomer as I sound now, if it wasn’t for me playing Rescue Team when I did and where I did, I wouldn’t even have the right mental state I do this minute, and my post-adoption upbringing would be dramatically different. The later PMD games equally came at pivotal moments in my life, and now that I’m dabbling a bit back into Shiren stuff, I’m absolutely in love with Chunsoft and MD as a whole, and hope more Mystery Dungeon games somehow make it west.

Here’s hoping the future of MD is one that’s bright and leads to a big return: Whether a PMD2 remake, Shiren 6, or maybe a 30th anniversary special for Torneko… I’m just super glad I was able to show everyone my passion in writing form and get that to do well. All I ask of you, readers, is well…

Make sure the video I spent half a year on doesn’t go to waste and check it out! Please, give me feedback if you haven’t seen it already. Definitely could help improve future endeavors, if I deem it worthy enough to pause everything to chase an elusive lead again.

Thoughts on the Review?

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