Radirgy Swag Delisted from Western eShops

Well well, it seems me and Dispatch Games meet again. Only this time, I keep to my word of not doing more limprint opinion articles, for I just have news to provide and the story is still pretty much the same as it always has been. Per an eagle eyed twitter user named Patrick, it appears that Radirgy Swag has been delisted from the North American eShop, and I was able to personally confirm with EU peers that it’s been pulled from that storefront as well.

It seems to be very recent, though I cannot pinpoint the exact date: their other published games are still live as of this article, meaning that the most likely cause here is that the license for Radirgy got expired or was pulled from Brian, probably due to the complete ghosting of people who bought physical versions. Remember, people asked for refunds last fall, got their orders cancelled after Brian came back, and Brian never refunded the money. Those physical editions at this rate, are never being produced, and with no word from dispatch in 6 months, well, it’s good to say like I did before that they’re absolutely defunct.

So, where will Radirgy go now? Honestly, with recent reveals like Steel Empire and Rolling Gunner, I’m convinced ININ Games is a lock for where Radirgy will likely end up, if it ends up getting a western physical release. RS34 is clearly unhappy with how Dispatch handled things, and I wouldn’t be surprised if they were already preparing a backup solution before pulling the plug from Dispatch. There’s next to zero chance you’ll get Dispatch’s version at all now, so if you have a preorder… Might as well try chargebacking them, it’s pretty much the only suggestion I got.

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