My Rough Experience with Pokemon Moon on Amazon

EDIT: My copy of Moon was changed to ship on the 16th. Appears this issue was fixed, thankfully. Hopefully you didn’t cancel before today.

So on the 18th of November the biggest 3DS game of the year is coming out, Pokemon Sun/Moon. We all know by now that even if these games were the next No Man’s Sky people would blindly buy into the millions, and while these games don’t seem like they’ll suffer from the same issues that made the prior main series entries boring to play, that doesn’t mean I was willing to jump in and buy them. In fact, it took me until last Tuesday before I decided to make the jump and preorder it off of Amazon.

Little did I know what a mess that would become, as last night I was given an alert in my email that my copy of Pokemon Moon was arriving on the 22nd, instead of the release date of the 18th. Confused since I chose Prime and the free two day shipping, (which usually upgrades to Release Day before launch) I looked around to see if I was simply having this issue because I joined the party late. To my surprise, that wasn’t the case, as many people who’ve ordered the Moon version months prior were having sudden delays in their shipments, as you can see documented on these subreddit posts.

Just why is this happening? I honestly don’t know, and I doubt it would be a supply issue considering how these games are going to be everywhere on shelves whether we like it or not, but needless to say I did try to find out the cause of this. Let’s just say it went nowhere and nothing was done.

Screen Shot 2016-11-13 at 5.16.39 PM.png


Thoughts on the Review?

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