TAP TAP ARCADE 2 (Wii U eShop)- Review

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System: Wii U (eShop)
Price: $2.99
Release date: 07/07/2016

The main game/story

The sequel to the pretty shallow original, Tap Tap Arcade 2 tries to shake things up by adding an exclusive title into the mix. Could this be what the sequel needs to be worth the extra dollar?


Unlike the first compilation, Tap Tap Arcade 2 starts off with a white checkerboard screen and the two game logos, compared to the red-colored background from the original. Also gone is the Tap Tap Arcade watermark in the corners of each game, instead replaced by a simple warning at the top that instructs you to press the select button to exit the game to the main menu. When comparing to the previous compilation, it’s rather surprising to see that the already simple menu from the original was replaced with a menu that’s even more simplistic.

Like before, the games included are 100% untouched compared to their original forms. While Volcano is indeed a new title which makes its first appearance in this compilation, there’s really not much to say about it in terms of the visuals, using a simple gray background with black platforms and a red layer of lava underneath. It’s simplistic in the same way as Skeasy, although it does end up giving this compilation a clever monochromatic theme, with Skeasy having a bright white background and Volcano having a dark grey background.

Music and Sound

While the startup menu at least looks different (even if its much more simple), the background music for the menu is the exact same from the original Tap Tap Arcade, with no alterations to speak of. Skeasy sounds just like it should, but Volcano doesn’t have much variety going for it either. In fact, there isn’t any music in that title at all, with only simple sound effects and the sound of boiling acid in the background as ambience. Considering the nature of the game, it fits rather well, allowing for the player to pay more attention to the action on screen rather than try to listen to the background noise.


For my thoughts on Skeasy, go here, since there’s absolutely nothing changed seeing how it’s a straight port.

Volcano is slightly more frantic compared to the relaxed nature of Skeasy. From the moment the game starts, you take control of what appears to be a square ninja who’s unable to stop running in his current direction, turning the opposite way when he hits a wall. A rising wall of lava emerges from the bottom of the screen, and your goal is to carefully use your double jump to land on the platforms above you, while avoiding the lava bellow. This single button gameplay ends up being very easy to adjust to, with the only real skill used is the floating effect of your jumps, helping you glide down and can make or break your current playthrough. Like with all RCMADIAX high-score chasers, it’s a simple experience with the main goal being to get a high score. Surprisingly, the fast pace actually helps to make the game more engaging than the developer’s other titles, making it just slightly more engaging compared to the usual affair.


In conclusion, Tap Tap Arcade 2 has an enticing appeal to it, mostly due to the inclusion of the exclusive title Volcano to make the title worth picking up for those who own the original Skeasy. However, this appeal does come at a bit of a higher cost, with the title costing $3 on the eShop compared to the original’s $2 price tag. Combine that with the knowledge that you would save a dollar when buying the original compilation over the two individual games, and you’d expect that Volcano would at least have a longer lasting appear for the higher price. Unfortunately, while it is indeed more frantic and easier to get into compared to Skeasy, I seriously doubt it would need to cost over $1.49 if it were released individually. This pretty much means for folks wanting this compilation just for Volcano, you’d be spending double the price and wouldn’t be saving money at all. That being said, while Volcano isn’t really worth $3 on its own, the game does give you your money’s worth if you passed on the standalone version of Skeasy, but only barely. For folks who are interested in the exclusive title, I recommend you wait for a discount of some sort, but if you don’t own Skeasy already, then this compilation is at least of better quality than the first one in terms of the games included. I give TAP TAP ARCADE 2 a 5 out of 10.

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